Saturday, 31 July 2010

DVD pangs

The release date for 'Brendan and the Secret of Kells' is Oct 5th I think.  And as soon as it comes out IT WILL BE MINE.  Oh yes, it will be mine.
I mean look at it, the animation is just gorgeous, and it's nice to see a break from the ever-more realistic world of CGI films and the sub-standard animation that keeps sneaking into cartoons (not all cartoons, just an underprivelaged few) by the back door.

As will this:

I may harp on about this film, but with good reason.  Watching that little bit of animation where Hiccup shudders after eating the fish still makes me unreasonably happy.  It's just great character animation all the way through, and I love the story, especially the twist at the end.  Also, if you do happen to see it in 3D you will actually get something for your money, as this seems to be an effect that works best where you have long-distance shots, so something close against something far away.  Like, for example, a dragon flying through a vast expanse of sky. 
I still cannot find anything wrong with this movie that's really worth mentioning, and I have to say that I think those who do are just nit-picking.  I love it at age 22 (and believe me, I cannot stand a poorly constructed film, both animation, shooting and story-wise) so I don't see any reason for anyone else not to love it too.  It's my humble opinion that a good solid "children's film", or even "family film" should not be patronising to the parents.  Look at some of the greats: Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast', some of Pixar's latest -'Finding Nemo'. 'Wall-E' and especially 'Up', even the old 'Looney Toons' shorts from Warner Bros. had an adult appeal too.
Well I knocked 'How to Train Your Dragon' with the knuckle of scepticism and it seems pretty solid to me.

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