Wednesday, 21 July 2010

And did we die?

No we did not!  I'm speaking, of course, about my own cooking :)

I'd say I'm not a great cook, but I do like good food and I'm finding it's cheaper to make it than to buy it.  Last week I bought some mince, and spent the week figuring out new things to do with it.  I subscribe to the 'Approximate School of Cooking', but the best recipe by a mile was

(Normal burgers with cumin in them, since I love cumin)

Ingredients to serve 2:
100g of mince  (get the decent stuff, you can always freeze the rest to use some other time)
1 handfull of rolled oats/breadcrumbs
1 egg
1 small brown onion
Mixed herbs
Salt and pepper

How to make them:
- Finely chop up your onion, and when I say fine I mean FINE.  I'm actually considering grating mine next time because I spent ages chopping and there were still some chunks in there
-Put the onion, oats and egg in a bowl with your mince and mix them well.  The key here is to get the consistency right.  If it's too stiff and dry then your burgers wont hold together, but if it's too mushy it's just splat everywhere
-Add your herbs, salt and pepper, and if you're me this is the time to put in as much cumin as you want.
-Mix it all in, then use your hands to form burger shapes.  Just roll a ball and flatten it until it's about 1.5 cm thick (half an inch)  You should get at least 2 good sized burgers out of your mix
-Now simply grill them for 15-20 mins, flipping them half way through, until they are cooked through.  Slap betwee some bread or a bun, some salad on the side.

I loved these, and I am totally making them again.  It's nice to have control over the kind of meat you're eating, plus the satisfaction of making the things yourself, plus the amazing taste.  They tasted way better than supermarket burgers, probably because they'd not been frozen in a tiny cardboard box for hours on end.  Plus, where else are you gonna get burgers full of tasty cumin!

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