Tuesday, 13 July 2010

No doodle badger

Well it would seem sensible to start this blog off with some drawing, but honestly I've not done much of late. I've been moving into my new house, setting everything up, sorting out Jobseekers and so on, so there hasn't been much time for it.

The most time I spent on a drawing was fifteen minutes at the local pub's Thursday night Pub Quiz. I sat in The Phantom (Loughborough's most brightly decorated pub) with group of friends filling in 'The Badger Round'. Basically you have to do a drawing on the theme of their choice, which will always include a badger. This week was 'Batman Badger', and here is my not-particularly-impressive offering

That said, I did come second and won a tub of marshmallows for my efforts!  The winning team?  Well they may not have had a better drawing, but they bought their own glitter.  How appropriate for Batman and Robin! (cue music #The Ambiguously Gay Duooooo#)

Yup, their own glitter. 
To a pub quiz.

I don't care how good your drawing is, you can't beat that.

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