Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Words from the wiser

So I'm quickly becoming aware that getting through the degree in one piece is just the beginning.  My portfolio, which was fine for the degree show, has become woefully inadequate.  My first thought is that yes, this is all I have to get a job with right now, but also it needs to be completely overhauled.  So I've been checking out some blogs, trying to get some advice out of them, and came across Courtney Billadeau, whose work I've admired for some time.

I won't speak too much, but just hand over to her, and simply say that I found these posts very helpful.

This is where she went, and although I'm not a huge fan of a lot of American illustration work (some of their more mainstream styles seem too photorealistic to me, or else too close to charicatures, and why is everyone always shiny?) good advice is applicable to any situation, and it seems that these guys had a lot of it to give.
Also, she has some neat process drawings up at the moment, which are always interesting.

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  1. Oh wow! Thanks for the linkback and the incredibly flattering words, again. Haha, you're too kind to me!!