Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Folklore Bookshelf

I've been working on a personal project since I moved into my current house about a month ago.  Since I like to track my progress I took some photos as I went along, although most were taken in the dim bulb-light of my room and may have come out a little fuzzy.  What do you think?

When I first got this bookcase it was very very purple.  A bit too purple in fact, so I decided to redecorate it.  Being me, that doesn't just mean painting it a less scary colour, but covering it in images and stories I enjoy that really fire up my imagination.  So in there, hidden amid the oak leaves, you might see a Wasp Salesman peddling his wares, a leaping hare the size of a Shetland pony, a selkie just beginning to change into her human form, an owl brewing a kettle, and a motley gang of musicians scattered about, some of which are not quite human.

It took about a month to do from beginning to end, as I painted in one or two figures per night, and only then when I had the time, but I love having this in my room!  Totally worth the effort.

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