Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The wandering minstrel

So this arrived with it's new owner today.  How exciting!

It's a bit of an in-joke, but my friend Matt really does travel the country, often on foot, with his mandolin (and more recently, a little squeeze-box) in tow.  It's wonderful to me to think that, in our society where people 'just don't do that sort of thing', some of us still do.

Matt carved me a spoon (which I can still hardly bear to use, it's so lovely) and I felt he needed something just as unique in return.  Someone called him by this title once, and it just fit him so well he clearly needed to have an emblem of his own.

The design I sent off to the badge-makers.

I was so pleased when it arrived in the post.  It's one thing to sketch out an idea, but quite another to see it transform into the finished article.  It took a while to find some badge-makers who would take on such a small order for a reasonable price, but eventually I did find some and they were very helpful in sorting out the final specifications for the patch.

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