Friday, 9 November 2012

More than slightly starstruck

So...  Terri Windling featured my workspace on her blog, The Drawing Board this week.  See...



I am such a major fan of this woman.  Terri is a Dartmoor/USA-based publisher with a particular focus on folklore and mythology, and her blog is always a hub of activity.  If she's not simply sharing her thoughts and outdoor exploring then she's introducing us to artists, music, literature, everything under the sun.  Although she does a little drawing herself, a lot of her focus on the blog goes into showcasing other people.  She has a little feature there called On Your Desk, where artists from all round the world can send in photos of their workplace and talk about what they do.

I'm pleased as punch to see my entry up there, plus I got some lovely comments from other readers including Terri ("magical" was definitely in there.  So was "talented" and "charming".  I might just faint with pleasure!) and even one flattering commenter who approached me with an eye to buying a print.  My goodness!

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