Friday, 19 October 2012

Bad day? I have some kittens to cheer you up!

I was commissioned to illustrate a poem this week!  It was written by my friend Elwyn for his lovely fiancee Lizzy, whose birthday it is, all about their two new kittens!  Their names are Moushka and Mr Bobinski which is pretty adorable, especially if you've read Neil Gaiman's Coraline.
Moushka goes cross-eyed over some string
Bobinski makes the cutesy eyes
They're going round the poem, which will be printed out and framed, so we're keeping them quite sweet and simple.  
I've never really tried drawing cats before (animal back-legs are very confusing to me), but armed with lots of reference photos from Elwyn, I'm quite pleased with these.  I'm told that the next picture captures the first day pretty accurately!
 And here they are a-sleeping after a lovely day of havoc-making.  Happy birthday Lizzy!

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