Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Had a hankering to go down Loughborough canal, so I donned my trusty raincoat and walking boots and set off into the drizzle!  Being out of the country for a fortnight, great as it was, meant I've missed a chunk of our own spring so I didn't want to leave it another week before I got out there and saw what I'd missed.  Good thing I did! Taking a leaf out of Rima Staines' book, literally, I took home my pictures to try and identify all the new plants I found.  I did pretty well!

Even the stinging nettles clean up good

Red dead-nettle

Early Catkins on a White Willow tree

Flowering oilseed rape

A bit soon for mushrooms isn't it?
Lady's Smock by the canal

Not a flower
Even with the intermittent rain, it was a lovely walk.  The sun came out for quick, bright bursts, and even the steady plop of rain has something refreshing and reassuring about it.  I got further than I did last time.  Maybe I should devote a whole day to following the canal and see just how far I get...

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