Monday, 30 April 2012

Rain paint

Had some fun painting this weekend.  I've got a couple of drawing projects on the go, but a friend of mine reminded me of the existence of goache paints.  I knocked out some quick colour studies from my walk last week.  I love it when the sky is dark and cloudy but there's still light coming from somewhere and makes such a contrast between the heavy sky and bright earth.

It's still raining here, and has been for over a week (although ironically it won't be enough to fix the drought we're in!) so all my doodles right now seem to include rain.  It does make everything smell good after though.
This one's my favourite

My friend Rachel rightly pointed out that these cows ought to be lying down.  but they weren't, so they aren't.  Obtuse beasts :)

Oilseed rape crop
At church this week a few of us even went outside and huddled under a skinny tarp to talk and think about the intentionality of creation.  Every little thing was made on purpose.  I started doodling the ground in front of me, and all the little plants that you hardly ever notice.  I didn't even get through half of them, but I quite like the scruffy little biro drawing on it's muddy and rain-spattered paper, so I spruced it up best I could, and included it anyway.

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