Sunday, 8 January 2012

On Fire

I wanted to do a little blog of Fever, the circus skills society I joined when I started university.  Now I'm working I don't get to go to practice sessions as often as I used to and since most of them are students and it's been the Christmas holidays I've missed them while they've been away.  You know you've got circus/fire withdrawal when you accidentally draw this...

I've been part of this group of utter nutcases for what... five years now?  It mainly started due to an unhealthy liking of fire, and I still love performing with glow- and fire- poi and hula hoop, but besides that there's been some great friendships made and any number of parties.  I was going through some oldphotos, so under the Read More below is a very condensed version of five years of me dancing about waving flaming (or glowing) objects round my head.  Mum, if you're reading this, look away now...


You guys are all awesome.  Thanks :)

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