Monday, 31 October 2011

The Pumpkin Queen!

As a Christian I don't celebrate Hallowe'en... however, also as a Christian, I happen to follow a God who is very fond of parties!  (Don't believe me?  Find a Bible and check it out - the first recorded miracle of Jesus was to make some extra wine at a wedding that ran out.  Now that's the kind of miracle I think we'd all like to see more of :P)

To that end, I was helping out a party on Saturday for those that don't do Hallowe'en.  Lots of kids running about, sweets and goo everywhere, and at the end we had a Pumpkin Judging for those of us who had brought along a carved vegetable.  Now, I'd never carved a pumpkin before and possibly I got a little carried away on my first attempt,  This took me about an hour...

In the light: 

And in the dark

I didn't win the contest (there were kids playing!  Obviously we had to give the prize to one of them) but nevertheless I'm pretty proud.

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