Tuesday, 26 October 2010

That warm fuzzy feeling...

Well I've been a busy little body lately, partly because I've finally made the official start on my first 'proper' project, by which I mean one where it actually matters that I perform to a professional standard, and also one where I will recieve money at the end.  So hoorah for that!  Maybe once it's all done I'll put a few things up here, along with some links to the final video which will be viewable online, but until then I'm going to have to sit on it.
Also a busy weekend because two of my friends got married on Sat 23rd (to each other!) so a little flotilla of cars made it's way down the M5 to Oxford for the wedding.  I managed to get a little drawing done too, but more on that in the next post.

Rather ironically, or at least dichotomously, I found out that my Grandad has suffered a heart-attack while at the reception party.  Obviously everyone was a bit scared but he's doing fine.  It does kind of throw up the dualistic nature of life on planet earth -these two drastically contrasting events can happen right next to each other.  When I told my friend she said (meaning well, bless her) "Wow, it's almost like Four Weddings and a Funeral" to which I rather wryly replied "Sure, except there was only one wedding, and no funeral at all."  But I know what she meant.

In addition to all that excitement, I've managed to carve out a little time for some reading and also some arts and craft time!  Yeah!
Based roughly on these instructions from the {NewNew} blog I felted a jumper I bought from a charity shop by putting it in the hot wash (and accidentally shrinking it because I forgot to take it out before the spin-dry started), and after some cutting, sewing and generally seamsressing, I produced this:

My hot water bottle fits neatly through the turtleneck and once I tie it closed it is a lovely fuzzy bundle of warmth to rest on during those specially chilly nights -which has been pretty much every night for the past week, so good timing there!
My friend Anna Purver is going to make me a little bird to sew onto it since my own sewing is actually not that pretty.  Sturdy, but not pretty, and I can't use a sewing machine either :)  
You can see examples of her lovely creations over at her blog, Needles and Buttons, and I think a little fabric bird will make a great finishing touch and add a splash of colour.

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