Friday, 15 October 2010

Bowing and scraping

Hello hello, I'm still alive.  Apologies for the long absence, up here in the university town of Loughborough we have been having Freshers Week (fortnight!) so a hundred and one things have all been crying out for my attention. 
As a peace token I offer you this picture of a funny man.
I drew it as a commission for a friend, and she was very specific about what the style, colours, everything was going to look like, right down to the exact tone of red for the background.  It's just a straightforward portrait but I rather like it.  He changed a bit from the sketching stage when he was a lot more angular and stylised.  Billy Connolly is a very funny guy, but darn it when you break his face down into it's constituent parts he has got some scary features!

Here he is in sketch stage and a different style that got rejected for the final version, with his squinty little eyes, big black eyebrows and some pretty awesome hair.  I do like drawing longer hair, it's just more fun.

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