Friday, 13 August 2010

Mailable art

Did a little design for a card, to be sent out by my church, Open Heaven, to the students who have gone home for the summer, just letting them know we're still thinking of them and also to update them on what's going on when they return.

As my tutor Jemma said "Don't try to draw things that are invisible!"
Well if you've got to pick anything like that to draw, anything to do with God is probably the worst.  The classic fallbacks are all in Christian symbolism - crosses, doves, rays of light, and while all these things are good and communicate their purpose, I think it's better to not jump to use them automatically. 

So here's me trying to think of something a little different : )

I don't mind the font; it's good, but not great.  I know typography is one of those things I need to keep working on -maybe I should try drawing my own.  If nothing else it'll teach me patience!

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