Monday, 23 August 2010

Dawdle down memory lane

Feels like summer's coming to an end, although the last few days have been insanely hot, and worse, humid.  That sticky heat you can't escape from, that wraps you up like a damp duvet 24-7.  The cloud cover even meant I missed the Peseid Meteor shower, which I loved watching last year.
But tonight we had rain.

You can see it coming for a few days, and then it finally hit around midnight tonight when I was walking the dog.  I didn't even wear a raincoat, just enjoyed the coolness of it.  I'm really looking forward to autumn, and then the bare starkness of winter.  I always get a touch of 'Swallow syndrome' near the end of summer, when I just want to GO places and DO things, but by late September I've settled down to the cozy prospects of winter hibernation.  Woolley jumpers, apple and cinnamon crumble, frosty walks and slippers.  Oh yes :)

That said, it's been a fun and relaxing summer, despite the hectic-ness of entering the Real World.  There's still been time for drinks with friends (photo: The Wheatsheaf, Woodhouse Eaves), picnics in the country, and just laying in the shade enjoying the warmth.

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