Saturday, 13 July 2013

Oh, by the way...

I turned 25... several months ago.  Yeah, kinda missed that obvious blog post, but in my defence I was very busy.  Busy making party invites!!

Negative space. Oh yeah, I went there.  I'm actually very please that I managed to make the heroes all fit round the numbers so well.

Everyone made costumes (including me.  I learned to use a sewing machine especially to make my Robin outfit, as I was dead set on having a cape), and my friends put so much effort in.  I was extremely impressed.  Look at Aquaman in the middle there.  That's full body lycra.  What a star.

From left: Robin (me), Green Lantern, Electra, Aquaman, Clark Kent, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman

And the rest of them.  Sadly these pics were taken at twilight and the camera got confused by the not-dark-but-not-light-either.  That's why the picture quality's not great, but hopefully you can still see the loving care that went into every costume...

From left: Robin (me again!), Electra, Batgirl, Thor, Flash (hidden, or just moving too fast?), Peter Parker, Penguin, and Captain America
We played kids party games and ate kids party food,  so it was jelly and ice cream, pass the parcel, and three-legged racing.  Here, you can see Green Lantern and Supergirl taking the lead ahead of Batgirl and Thor, and (in an unheard of team-up, Robin and Joker).  We pulled it back though!

I have the best friends :)

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