Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Snow Day!

Every year, about this time, Brits wish for snow.  Well this year WE GOT IT.  It arrived mid-week, and by the weekend there was, in some places near us, a good foot of perfect untouched snow.  Magic.

We started our walk at Mount St Bernard Abbey, which looked stunning in the snow.  I didn't know there was an abbey so close to Loughborough, but it's off the back roads so it's quite secluded.

We made our way down the hill to the reservoir.  Citizens of Loughborough, here is where your drinking and bath water comes from.

Paul stops for a coffee
We made our way round toward the road, but then detoured across a field to a crowd of people.  They were sledging down Finney Hill, and after some lunch and polite conversation a groupd of really nice lads agreeably leant us their retro wood-runner sledge for a couple of goes down what turned out the be a very steep hill!  The top half of it was pretty moderate on the gradient, but the lower half suddenly became much steeper, running down to a stream at the bottom.  by our second go we'd got the hang of it and had to throw ourselves off at the bottom to avoid a potentially cold and soggy finish!

I tried recording it on my camera, and although it's mostly knee the sounds are pretty funny.  Paul is sat behind me, and I'm doing the steering - as far as it's possible to do so at that speed!

We made our way back up the hill to where we'd left the car, stopping for a few snowball fights, snow angel making, and to hunt for Paul's coffee flask which had dropped out of his pocket somewhere.  We didn't find it, but instead discovered this mouse, springing over the snow in search of winter morsels.

I refuse to complain about snow.  For all its inconveniences we get it so rarely in Britain that it's worth making the most of and enjoying it as much as possible while it's here.  We certainly did that!

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