Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Digging up old characters

When you've not drawn for a while sometimes it just builds up and gets the better of you, and you have a bit of a splurge.  Add those to the dozens of tiny doodles I produce on a weekly basis and it totals up to quite a large page of sketches.  

Some of it's just utter guff, but some of it's got potential - although you do realise some of your weaknesses too.  In this one I can see that I like deer at the moment, I'm not very interested in drawing legs, and why do all my figures seem to be facing left?

Also, spot the two counts of Fionna from 'Adventure Time'.  For those of you not in the know, she's the girl with the rabbit ear hat.  She's pretty cool.

I also found a sketch of a character from years ago, and decided to give it a re-trace.  She's a bit awesome.  Bi-racial, tri-lingual, oldest of six brothers and one sister, and rather handy with a knife which is handy as her parents are somewhat ...politically entangled.

I remember that when I tried to design her originally I wanted her to be a bit more balanced than most of the few heroes I saw in comics or movies.  I drew her quite pretty, and she does like her short shorts, but she's a practical girl too.  She wouldn't last long otherwise!  She's got massive army boots and leg muscles made of rock - have you seen how much running gets done in most action movies? - and a few scars and scrapes from past fights.  Even then I don't think I ever quite believed that you could get in so many fights and come away uninjured.

Incidentally she's also missing part of one of her little fingers.  I don't remember why :)

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