Saturday, 15 December 2012

Congratulations Tom and Zoe!

My friends are getting married - Hooray!  To each other - Hooray!  And they asked me to do the inserts for the invites - Hooray!

It's always a pleasure to do something so unique and personalised for people I love.  Tom and Zoe are... not exactly an indoorsy couple.  They spend all the time they can in the great outdoors having adventures - climbing, cycling, hiking, you name it- and really wanted this reflected in their invites.  They already had some ideas, including having a tree as a recurring motif, and having several different invites to use for all the guests.

(The names, locations and contact details have been scrubbed out for obvious reasons)  Personally my favourites are 1 and 4, but they were all fun to do.

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