Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring Colour Challenge 2012

I got out of work early on this lovely and sunny first day of spring, so with the extra time I set myself a Colour Challenge.  Basically I have to find as many colours as I can within my time limit.  Here's my results (click to enlarge)...

If you want a go, here are the rules:

1)  You have half an hour to find as many colours as you can, record them with your camera, and get back to your house.  Get your skates on!

2)  You must do this in your local neighbourhood.  The boundaries are as far as you can walk from your house in 10mins, or cycle in 5 mins in any direction you choose.

3)  The colours have to be 'alive'.  A red letterbox, purple wall, or blue jumper doesn't count.  Animals do, if you can get them to stay still long enough.

4)  Don't trespass on private property or make a nuisance of yourself (not that I think you would!)  So you can lean over a fence, but no sneaking round other people's gardens :)

5)  Different varieties of a colour is fine (e.g. light yellow, dark yellow, butter yellow, greenish yellow).  Green doesn't count.  I did start trying to do green but I think that's a whole other challenge!

6)  Post your discoveries on your blog/Facebook/Twitter page so everyone can see all the cool stuff you found.  GO!!!

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