Thursday, 1 March 2012


Went home for the weekend and found out that my parents have every card I've made them out on display, even ones from last year!  Parents are lovely :)  I even found a card I forgot to scan (yes I shamelessly nicked the line in it from 500 Days of Summer but only because it was such a good one)

... but today you get a card!!!

I also found some photos of me and one of my sisters from when we were little and photographs were still physical objects!  I kind of miss those shiny album photos.  I must be about four/five years old in these.

Our conservatory going up.  It's being replaced this week, so it's weird I found this.
Even at a young age I was all over the paints!

I remember this cake!  I was starting to think I made it up!
Also, check out those rad pajamas :)  

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