Friday, 3 February 2012

Hourly Comic Day 2012

I did this last year - the idea is to do a drawing/strip for every hour of the day you are awake (see the Official Website for the international collection, now including mine!).  Since I now work full time as a receptionist I didn't quite manage to do every hour, so the gaps are when it got very busy.  If I get the chance I will fill them back in.  That said, the quality of most of the drawings is a big improvement on last year, which is good to see.  Some of the strips are quite large, so after the first one, I'll hide the rest under the Read More.  If they're too small, click on 'em and they'll get bigger.

So please enjoy watching my drawing style change multiple times throughout the day, get better or worse depending on how stressed I am, and alternate between 'proper' observational drawings and ridiculous whimsy.  You know me :)

Edit: Blogger, what is wrong with you?  Why do you resize every image I upload when they all started out the same size?  *sigh*


  1. Wahhh I want to see them all but the link doesn't work? :(

    1. That's weird, it works fine when I click it. If not, just google 'Hourly Comic Day' to get to the forum. Mine is currenrly on page 2.