Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hourly Comic Day!...

...was actually on Feb 1st, but being me I did mine on the 3rd and didn't even post it until today :).  The idea is that every hour you are awake on that day, on the hour, you must draw/comic what has been going on in that hour.  Check out loads of far better ones by other artists here
Including my old classmate, Luke Pearson who also did one which you can see here

Anyway, I had a go too, and it was a good challenge to do.  It's no Vetruvian Man, the doodles are quick and sketchy, very inconsistent in quality and you can definitely tell the hours where I was tired or fed up with it, but that's the point.  It's honest.  You can't tinker with it later or add bits in.  It is what it is, messy patches and all.

I had to split it into sections to post because it's so long, so do excuse the disjointedness if there is any and we'll see if this works...

(Note: The computer wasn't actually rendering for the entire day, just whenever I sat down to draw!  There was actual work inbetween)

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  1. Woooooow, this is awesome! Great work! I can't believe you managed to keep it up every hour as well, I tip my hat to you, that's good perseverence! :)