Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tis' the season: 2 of 2

Christmas Service

The church I go to, Open Heaven, has a large number of students in it, so we have our Christmas service before the end of term.  My friend Amy and I were asked to do another doodle slideshow to accompany the reading about the Wise Men, but on very short notice so it's not as well thought-through as I'd like.  Scraps of ideas are there, but we missed a lot as we were in a rush.  One day they'll give us longer than a week to make these things, and I'll put together something really beautiful!

Wise men from Michelle Barnett on Vimeo.

Enjoying the weather

On my way to work I often see the sun rise, heavy and golden and massive, but only in snatches as I have to keep my eyes on the road!  So I made a decision, to sit and watch the winter sun come up with no interruptions from the top of Beacon Hill. just outside of town.  My friend Matt came with me and in the semi-darkness of pre-dawn we began our climb.

Unable to judge the sky in the dim light, we thought that all our huddling on the frosty, blustery hillside might be for nothing and we might be in for a cloudy day, but there, on the horizon was a few inches of clear sky between the land and clouds, and for a few incredible minutes we watched the sun slide up into view to hover, burning in that brief space, and then continue up into the sky.

It was so surreal, watching it lift up off the ground like that.  As if we were watching the sun rise on another planet.  Matt mentioned that it reminded him of The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis and the Dying Sun of Charn, and he was right.  We felt small, miniscule creatures on the face of a tiny sphere, observing something we couldn't even begin to comprehend.

When the sun had finally risen into the clouds and there was really nothing more to see, we walked back down the frosty hill in the morning, exchanging old carols and discovering Green Men in the woods, to end up back at my house with bowls of steaming porridge.  An excursion well worth the effort.

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