Saturday, 31 December 2011

Joyeux Noel!

Here's the Christmas card I made this year for my family (to help you figure this out, I'm the eldest of four siblings, and my parents both wear glasses).  I thought I was done with this but there was something missing from it.  Silly Michelle, clearly it was supposed to be snowing!  A few downy flakes letter and I think I fixed it :)

We're big Narnia fans in our house, we have all the books, and the movies (all of them) and when I was younger I remember repeatedly renting out the audiobook of Prince Caspian from the local library.

There do seem to be some weird parallels between my sisters, brother and I, and the fictional Pevensies, but in the end I suppose it's only the parallels any family could find.  A group of people, still growing and changing and figuring out how to get on with life, finding themselves on a journey.  Sometimes separate, sometimes together, a united team or squabbling and at odds, sharing good times and facing impassable challenges as we stumble along towards the intriguing, mysterious (and sometimes rather alarming!) figure of a Lion we have never yet met face to face.

I didn't leave anyone out either; on the inside of the card is my brother-in-law as Caspian and our dog wearing a bushy golden mane.  I don't think the Aslan would mind :)

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