Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Autumnsong: 2 of 2

I went home to Norfolk for Bonfire Night, and spent it at the house of someone I had never met before! An employer of a friend of my parents'.  Somehow, and I'm not sure how, within ten minutes of arriving I found myself in a garage containing half a dozen classic American cars from the 1950-70s.  They belonged to this man, and every year he goes back to America to hunt down new projects and buy the authentic parts which are used to repair them.  I'll freely admit to knowing very little about classic cars, but I can tell a beautiful piece of design when I see one.

We spent maybe half an hour marvelling and discussing them, although I barely knew what to ask.  I would not have minded spending a bit more time with that little yellow Corvette though.  The sound when the cars were started up was pretty thunderous and terrific.

Eventually we did make it outside and enjoyed the fireworks.  All the guests were asked to contribute a firework, so it was quite a show including some of my favourites.  (Oh come on, everybody has a favourite!)  Here's one of them.

It reminded me of last year's Bonfire Night when a few friends and I, with no display to watch, decided to make our own from the living room.

After the fireworks were over the immense bonfire was lit and we all stood about it, simply talking about nothing in particular, although as time went on some of the topics became a bit more profound..  It's amazing the things that come out with a bonfire present, something about the agelessness of fire that brings bigger notions to the surface as well as the usual small talk.  Even if everyone had been silent, I'd still have enjoyed just watching the flames.  There's something about the beauty, threat and alien nature of fire that I've always found fascinating.

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