Friday, 22 April 2011

Spuggle and Jin

So it's over for another year; the British Juggling Convention 2011 has come to an end.  Oh but it was glorious.  There was dressing up, an awful lot of undressing too, sunburnt noses, fresh waffles, dream catchers, barefoot frisbee, wild tales, regular defiance of gravity and several other laws of physics, folk instruments, spontaneous dancing, twister, bed hair, cardboard box robots, sleeping on the floor, food cooked using minimal amounts of cutlery, feet so dirty they looked like their own shoes, showers with no doors, dreadlocks and weed, baggy trousers, singing, drinking, spinning into the wee hours.  And of course juggling, which is a topic all it's own.

The weather was gorgeous -it really is April now and I spent my entire time there in shorts.  It feels great to get my legs out again after months cooping them up in the warm.  For some of our group it was thier first ever BJC - or even their first convention so it was great to see how much everyone enjoyed themselves.  The older ones among us tend to be a bit more sedate but no less enthusiastic.  I've started drawing down all the tricks I can do or need to work on with a hula hoop just so I dont forget any of them!  They are tiny drawings but already they cover 3 A4 sides and I'm still only counting single-hoop tricks.

Of course, being me, there's always time to take a few pictures of a passing tree.

As usual the rest of my photos (the good ones anyway) are on Flickr.  And now, thanks to the Easter holiday, I have 4 whole days to sit and draw, and watch all my camping laundry dry.

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