Tuesday, 5 April 2011


 That's right, it's update time again! Busy times, busy times. I have a job now, which I am enjoying very much, but amidst re-balancing my life I have had some time for a few other adventures:

It's a little rough around the edges, since it was made for a friends weblog in rather a hurry.  But hey, now you know what I look like!

I'd also like to direct you to PostSecret Blog this week.  For those that don't know, PostSecret started as a way to anonymously get your burning secrets off your chest -whether trivial or serious, deeply personal or universal, by writing and decorating a postcard with your secret on it and posting it to a guy called Frank, who turns them into books and also updates this blog with the weekly arrivals. 

Some are heart-warming, some are heart-breaking.  There are happy secrets, sad ones, angry ones, funny ones and downright weird ones.  I love the idea of humans connecting with each other over the sharing of their most hidden thoughts -the things you've always wanted to say out loud but didn't know how to or didn't feel you could.

So, to mark a pretty significant date for me I decideed that I would mark it by sending in my own PostSecret.  Due to the time it takes to post anything to America it's only just appeared this week.  Yes, my secret is live on the internet, for one week only!  I hope it will encourage someone else with the knowledge that really we are all just as pecualiar as each other... but I'm not telling you which one is mine  :) 

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