Sunday, 21 November 2010

A candle-lit dinner

We had a powercut the other day, only for an hour or two but it took out over 850 houses.  The whole estate went dark, the streetlights went out, all the way up the main road almost to the university.  Fortunately I'm a hoarder so I had 2 large candles my Dad gave me and a box of long thin ones that I use for wax resist drawings, which I snapped in half and set in glasses.

Of course I realised I couldn't heat any food since our oven is electric (I knew there was a reason I preferred gas hobs!) so took my torch and walked into town towards the lights where their grid was still on.  It's literally a 1min walk or I wouldn't have chanced it, but it was lovely walking down the street without the street lights on.  Of course everyone else was out too, wandering round outside their houses trying to work out if all the streets were down.  Amusingly everyone's first respnse was to phone everybody else and tell them about it!

I bought myself some crusty bread for sandwiches, juice and a whole lot of biscuits.  I enjoyed a very uncomplicated dinner, lit by a cluster of tiny lights.  A nice surreal break from the usual.

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