Friday, 3 September 2010

Today is a day of marvellous wonders!!

Most days are, but today especially.  I shall list the reasons for this, now:

1)  JobSeekers Allowance meeting was this morning.  I can breathe a sigh of relief for another two weeks.  It's not that I don't look for work, but I always worry I'll fill the form in wrong!  Yes I am a paranoid little android.

2) I finally got my pictures framed!  I eventually gave in and bought a sketch from the incomparable Rima Staines, owner of  The Hermitage.  Her artwork and sense of storytelling always blows me away, so I bought this little trinket, entitled, 'There's a Stair in Her Hair'.  It's less finished than most of her work which tends to have layers of texture and colour painted onto it ( and which I intend to go back for once I have the money!) but I love the dreamlike quality of it.  My print arrived within the week and sat proudly on my desk until I could find a nice wooden frame for it.  But also in the envelope was a little postcard; two figures cunningly hidden in a wash of watercolour, and I liked it so much that I decided to frame that too!  Fortunately I had an empty frame I bought from a friend just standing by, so with a little bit of trimming the two fit perfectly.  Here they both are on my desk, although the photo doesn't do either of them justice.

Sitting behind them is Jeremy, my pet rosemary plant.  Which leads me onto Number 3

3)  I have a rosemary plant!  I wanted one for ages because I love the smell, and fresh rosemary is so much nicer than buying it from the supermarket, and now I have one.  His name is Jeremy (yes I named him) and he lives on my desk.  I tried to grow some from seeds but they didn't come up for such a long time I thought I had killed them, maybe through over- or under-watering, but I'd been so careful, I just couldn't figure it out.  BUT I DIDN'T KILL THEM!  Just this week they have suddenly sprouted into tiny green things in their little pot.  There are a few of them so I think when they grow up I will move Jeremy to a bigger pot, then to the garden in the spring, and they can have his old one.

4) I made flapjacks!

5) I am finally getting some drawing done!  I'm still at a point of being a little scared of the work I know I need to do to make something of myself illustrator-wise, so I have a bit of a backlog but this week I've finally started working through it.  Getting done those things people asked you to do (and generally won't pay you for) so that I can get onto bigger and better things that will actually earn me some money.  Hoorah for proactivity!

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