Sunday, 5 September 2010

Oh dear...

I was listening to a track from James Cameron's Avatar on Youtube (I'm a bit meh about the actual film, but the soundtrack is great) and browsing through the comments when I came across a fantastic one. 

People have lots of ideas as to what Avatar is really about; is it Pocahontas in disguise?  Is it a comment on the Iraq war?  America's expolitative tendencies?  The suppression of native people groups in third world countries?  It's definitely got something to do with respecting the cultures of other people and not screwing them over simply because you have a bloated ego and superior weaponry.

But someone on Youtube seems to have a slightly different idea as to what it was about.  This is probably the most accidentally insulting thing anyone probably could have said, and as such I find it very funny:
3 weeks ago 12
james cameron is sending a message we are killing the animals and taking what we want. im on his side we are greedy we are taking what we want we are killing the animals thumbs up if you want to help the world "
We are killing...  the animals.  The Animals.  Oh my gosh...
Not another race of people (albeit blue people), whose lives have equal value to ours and whose way of life should be respected and preserved but... the animals.

I despair of mankind sometimes, I really do :)

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