Monday, 30 May 2016

Wonderful Welsh Waterfall Walk - Day 2

On our second day, we took a longer, windier walk up to Sgwd yr Eira.

It's through the woods, up the hill, down the hill, up again, scrambling over tree roots, and then finally down into the valley to the falls.  This one's a bit more or a tourist trap, so there's a little waiting to get down to the falls itself, and to find a place to stand.  There's even a little queue to get on the wider path that goes behind these falls, but since you're picking your way gingerly between boulders, navigating drips from the rock wall above, and skirting around the particularly slippery bits it's not a bother to go a little slower.

Behind Sgwd yr Eira

I always try and catch or drink water from the falls we pass.
It makes it feel more real, and is almost like a little salute to the falls.

From the far side.
Having forgotten that it was a Sunday, Graeme, Fiona and I ended up taking my car on a little adventure across Wales to hunt down an open shop that we could get dinner from, and we struck gold with a little off-license.  Honestly I have never been so glad to see an off-license in my life!  We were running round it giggling and picking up little treats for everyone (lip balm for Hannah!) powered mainly by the glee of finding a meal for six.  We managed to gather all the ingredients for a chicken curry, complete with freshly fried popadoms, which were great to watch in the pan.

A few more friends of Hannah's turned up and we had an evening of curry, chocolate, sloe gin, games and (at 1am, whispering a lot and hissing "Shh!" repeatedly) a bit more hot-tubbing.

All in all, a fantastic weekend in some beautiful scenery, and so lovely to spend so much time with good friends.  When we all live so far apart and are often busy with our own lives, it's such a luxury to have the time and space to get past the small talk and reconnect with each other, or simply sit in each other's company and look at the scenery.

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