Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dinos in Spaaaaaace!

I've been working on a big awesome project lately, plus doing the Big Year course, plus taking up a new sport - roller derby!  It's been a big change and I felt like it needed its own blog to help me keep some perspective on my progress, so I've made one HERE.

One of the things I like about roller derby is the bonkers extravagance and enthusiasm that goes with a game.  Each one has a different theme, and a recent home game went of the heading of 'Dinosaurs In Space'.  I ended up making the poster for it!  It started as a rubbish little doodle in a pub, and ended as this bold and brilliant poster base.

I'm actually really proud of this.

 I enjoyed the theme so much that I ended up making a collection of Dino Derby stickers.  Each features a different dinosaur with a different derby name, like Terror-Dactyl, Stego-Sore-Ass, and my personal favourite Tyrannosaurus Ref.  Because our hard working refs deserve some love and stickers too!

What's been really nice is that I've started noticing them on the helmets of our team.  I already sold out of one particular design, so I'm going to keep taking these to games and see how long it takes for me to get rid of them all :)

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