Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Newlyweds Waltz

You may remember a friends wedding I mentioned a while back.  Well we - the Hen Party - put together a little book to cheer them up in what one of the girls liked to call the 'Post-wedding Blues'.  I think she just meant the period after the madness of constant wedding planning and honeymooning and gift opening is over.  With the book, there would still be one more present to unwrap.

I know they both love folk music, in fact it was mainly those two that got me into it and introduced me to ceilidhs, so I decided to send them a song.  While cleaning my desk I found a bit of simple sheet music entitled 'The Newlyweds Waltz'.  How perfect!

I recorded it on my Tin Whistle, but felt like it needed some backing.  The easiest thing to do was hum... and then I started wondering how many layers of backing I could put on this thing!  In the end I sung three harmonising tracks and layered them up.  And here it is!

I'm aware the speed isn't consistent, and the next time I do this I'll have a metronome playing through my headphones to keep me steady, but otherwise I think it's pretty good!  I burned it to disc, added a label and fancy paper envelope, and sent it off to join the book.

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