Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Wonderful Wedding

My friends Graeme and Fiona got married!  The wedding was down in Cambridge and, as well as one of the best hen-do's I've ever been on (I got to punt!), the couple asked me if I'd do some drawing at the wedding.  Yes I will!

In the midst of all the festivities, the marriage and dinner and dancing, it was hard to find the time and space to draw, but a few of my sketches came out particularly well.

The newlyweds sit in the Emmanuel Church, Cambridge to listen to the wedding address

A quick sketch: Fiona's father walks her down the aisle
The church was beautiful, although I lived in Cambridge for a year and there's really not an ugly bit!   Graeme and Fiona were really keen to put their own personal stamp on the wedding, so there were loads of little personal touches.

The groomsmen wore blue rather than the traditional black, which looked very dapper (and made Graeme look quite a lot like the Tenth Doctor in my opinion - which is a good thing!). There was also a lot of buttons about - Fion'a infamous for her strange and endearing love of buttons.
I'm not one to gush over dresses, but hers was lovely; understated and classy, but with lace all up the back and reaching down over the skirt.  I wish I'd had more time to include it in the drawing.

After the ceremony and a rather exuberant confetti shower that took up most of the road outside, we headed over to Wandlebury Country Park for games, a meal, and of course lots of dancing.  We lit the way to the wedding car with lanterns... but only because someone got a bit carried away with the sparklers.  Definitely a memorable day for everyone!

Graeme and Fiona arrive for the wedding breakfast in the
giant tipi at Wandlebury, with all their guests cheering them in

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