Monday, 25 February 2013

Crafts and cards

Wow, there has been so much Making going on round here lately.  Let's start with the cards...

A Valentines Day card for my housemate.  She likes owls :)  Plus, it comes with a real lollipop!

A birthday card for my sister, starring Tiny Wizard Pony! (He is a pony, and also a wizard)

A birthday card for my friend Eloise.  I'm liking the formula of 'Tiny X says Y' apparently. It makes for some random and amusing cards when I run out of theme ideas.

And finally, birthday cards for my friends Naomi and Paul.  There were done in a bit of rush during my lunch break at work, so they're just felt tip and marker, but I enjoyed the in-jokes.  Naomi is a mathematician and maths teacher, and Paul is my work colleague and fellow fan of Batman (Hint: the company's signature colour is orange - hence the car).

Also, Baking!  Katie and I cooked up a storm of cakes.  We've got Ginger Cookies, we've got Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins, and we've got Crispy Cakes with jelly babies in them.  There's also been some Mincemeat Crumble, made with the leftover mincemeat we made for Christmas, and a cake made with Passion Fruit Curd.  Mixed with some buttercream it makes an incredibly tasty icing...

Look at the beautiful colour it makes the icing. Incoming sugar rush alert...

Last but not least, my great triumph - Ernie the Sock Mole!  For Eloise's birthday we all went round her house and made sock animals.  It was such a great way to spend time together (plus we got to visit the church where she's going to get married to Matt, and play on the pipe organ.  I love pipe organs!) and the animals were really creative and different.  Matt and I got a bit ambitious with ours, and the result was this cute little guy.  I even made him a waistcoat!

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