Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Why the Bible is awesome

I've had more speed-doodling challenges (so much fun to do but with technically abysmal results so I don't know why I'm sharing them with you! ;D ) which is where someone reads a story aloud and I have about 5 seconds to draw it as it happens, standing sideways, on an A-frame.  It's not easy, but it has proven one thing: the Bible is awesome fun!  Just one chapter, in this case Acts ch12, covers all your major TV soap genres...


Crime and (in)Justice...


Grisly Deaths and Just Desserts

I've had slightly more time to do some slideshow stories for a few friends.  These are going to be projected during talks at Spring Harvest and New Wine.  Everyone seemed to like the rough doodly look of the old ones so I've tried to keep to that but couldn't resist sprucing some of them up a little bit.  At this point I'm seriously thinking that if anyone else asks for one of these I need to invest in Apple Motion so I can start animating properly again, as well as a decent microphone.

Luke 5: The Abundant Catch of Fish

Luke 9: The Transfiguration

Luke 24: The Road to Emmaus

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