Monday, 31 January 2011

Michelle goes all arts and crafts

...Well kind of.  Happy 2011 by the way!  This is my first post of the new year, what with being at home for Christmas and still working on this animation project (we're in the final stages of the first video now.  It's all getting exciting!) but I thought I'd spare a few minutes for my poor neglected blog.

Speaking of Christmas, I've not had huge amounts of money to spend on presents this year so my siblings and brother-in-law decided we were going to do a Secret Santa instead.  That way we would all get one or two more personal presents for just one person each rather than engaging in the less-than-festive scrum of struggling to buy many cheap presents for absolutely everyone.  It worked really well, and my present to my brother was a T-shirt I drew up and had printed for him.  Trust me when I tell you that the design made perfect sense to him, however it's still quite a fun image even if you don't understand the joke, so I thought I'd put it up here for you guys to see.
Also on the topic of hand-made presents, I made one for my Mum's birthday a few months back.  We knew she wanted to go in a hot air balloon sometime -but it's one of those things you always mean to do for yourself but never quite get round to, so we thought we'd help get her started.  The others all put a little money into the pot and I ... well I made the pot!

Okay I admit, I bought the jar from a homeware shop but that's my parents flying on that balloon jar and I put them there!  I still wish I'd been able to think of a way to put a real 3D balloon on the jar lid, but since I had to post it home my options were pretty limited.  Either way, it went down really well (although all parents are biologically disposed to adore any artwork from one of their kids) and it was lovely to tailor-make something for them.  I think I'll do this more often!  My sister's twenty-first is a few weeks away, that warrants a hand-made present, surely :)

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